A competitive CS:GO map!

Update: the map’s look is changing! And after several testing, it’s getting very good!
Quick Walkthrough


Jo and I are now working on a Counter-Strike map, because we both love the game, and wanted a challenge.
I’ve got to say, 3D level design is so much fun!
We are still in the early testing phases, we want the layout to be set before detailing the environment and placing lights.

The map is set in a dictator’s secret palace…


Steam game: vridniX!!!

vridniX, a frantic and narrative plateformer

Steam page of the game

And finally, our game is released on Steam!

We took way too much time to create it, develop the business and marketing side of things… and the launch was really bad. We could say we were unlucky with our publisher’s main marketing guy getting badly sick, or World Of Warcraft releasing it’s expansion at the same time, or the Gamescom beeing right behind the corner… But I think the game was hard to sell for visual reasons. I think one shouldn’t try to create graphics that are « alright ». With the amount of games being released everyday, you must have a visual impact. You cannot afford to be boring. You must be unique, even if ugly.

Although the game isn’t burried yet, we still have to release the asian version and try to port it to the consoles!

Because still, it is a really nice and fun game, with a rich story and a never-seen-anywhere gameplay! I am really proud I did it.

Shootmania maps

Duel arena : Toxicity (Quake remake), Odyssey, MakronTower
BattlePro : OdinsBlade, RedOmen, Rampart

The Shootmania level editor is amazing! Anyone can use it at a basic level, then discover the deep things it offers. And there are so many game modes, you can freely chose the ones you prefer to map on. Here are my maps made for custom modes. The first mode is quite similiar to a Quake duel, the second one is a zone capture for two teams.

4 out of the 6 maps have been used in the official map-pool of the modes, or used in competition. It is always a pleasure seeing people play on them!

Thanks to all the players who tested the maps, it was amazing! I would have loved to continue playing and all, but everybody left the game 😦

A Gears Of War level

This is a Gears Of War level made with the Unreal Engine (UDK). The map is pretty large and offers many different fighting situations. There is a boss fight at the end, which you must kill with his own weapons! (Flying mines)
I will try to find the time to make a walkthrough video of it.

I was really passionate about this creation, on each aspect of it: World, balancing, scripting, cutscenes…

I think I love Level Design.

game project : Shadow People

Here are some concept arts I did for a game project.

It is a game where you control a shadow crowd. You must make them escape the castle-like prison, and avoid the white beings. The theme of this game was the saoudian movie: Wadjda.

This project was quite mystical and fun to draw, but I’m not sure it would have been this engaging to play…

Flash game : Hourglass

This is the mock-up of a game made during my video game licence in Bobigny. This plateformer mixes action and puzzle. You have to place cogs to progress in exploring the environment.


Here is the trailer of the game, made by me on Flash:

a Portal 2 level

This level gives a very different feeling from the official levels. It is more a maze than a puzzle. You will often have to go back to get a cube or activate something you forgot. Also look for weird angles where you can use portals.

It is different from the levels from Valve, which are puzzles with only a few, but always new components.